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Why Does My Car Bounce?

When driving down the road or coming to a stop, your car should not make any strange bouncing or pulling motions on its own. If it does, something is wrong, and you should have the car checked by a professional. There could be several reasons that your car has excessive bounce or movement.

Wheel Problems

Your wheels could be a big part of the problem. First, the wheel alignment of the car may be off. Perhaps you hit a curb too hard, or the car is older and has not had the alignment checked in a while. The car could be pulling to one side. When you attempt to pull the wheels back to drive straight, the car reacts with a bounce. Another problem could be the tread on the tires. Tires will often wear unevenly because the tread on the outside is thicker than the tread on the insides. If you add bad alignment may cause the tires to wear unevenly and cause a rough ride.

Suspension Problems

The car’s suspension system was created to produce a smooth ride for the driver and passengers. Over time, these parts can wear out. The typical suspension system can last 4 to 5 year or 50,000 to 100,000 miles. If your car is between one of these parameters, you may need some suspension work Lakewood co done on the vehicle.

Steering Problems

A problem in your steer column with either the rack bushings or steering linkage can also cause the car to bounce. Elements in the steering mechanisms can become to lose, or they may stiffen up. When this happens, the car reacts by bouncing when attempting to drive.

Driving is much more pleasant when all systems in the car are functioning correctly. Excessive bouncing or pulling by the car indicates that one of these systems is not functioning correctly and should be remedied as soon as possible.

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