Tricks To File An Auto Insurance Claim

In minor accidents, some people worry about filing a claim because they do not want their car insurance rate to go up. The first thing to do in an accident is exchange your name and telephone number with the other party. If you live in a state, where auto insurance is mandatory, look at the cards and copy all information about the person and the insurance company. This information is very important when any accident occurs regardless of the damage.

You should always ask for witness’s names and telephone numbers to give to your car insurance company. This is vital if the other party questions any charges being made or charges being made against you. You need to file an accident report even if the other person says they will pay for your damages. Do not ever ask someone not file an auto insurance claim. The accident report is extremely important when you submit a car insurance claim.

The next step is to notify your car insurance company, give them all the details, and submit the accident report along with witness’s name and the other party’s information. The time is critical since a claim adjuster needs to verify who was at fault and what the next step is to take. If the accident is not your fault, you may file a report of damages to the other car insurance company and pay no deductible as if you use your auto insurance and pay the deductible.

Never sign a release form for anything until you are completely satisfied with all the repairs and medical bills if any. There may be other factors to determine when signing a release such as wages loss, mental state and rental car costs to name a few. The auto insurance company will try to get you to sign as quickly as possible, hold your ground.

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